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Finals... Finals... Finals!

So today is the day I finish my marketing class. I have no option but to finish it because I will not be able to post anything to the class after today. I am very excited to be finishing because that means I'm one more class closer to GRADUATING! Which is something I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to accomplish. I look forward to beginning work on my first writing challenge for a group I belong to. Today is all-in-all a good day, even though I'm back at work with Snarky. ~Sigh~

Baking is my mistress

Some things I LOVE about holidays with our family is that it means I get to BAKE! Baking is certainly one of my favorite things to do. I have become quite the cupcake arteeeest! LOL! Today's amazing creations will be vanilla cupcakes with !!! These things are SO cool. I can't wait to get to my mom's and have my three nieces and my little nephew help decorate and then BITE into these amazing cupcakes! Will post pics later!!

Tata for now!
Crazy Little Layla Jade

Projects and procrastination

WOW. It's been a LONG time since I've done this but it will be good to vent. As my first entry, I'm going to give a little backstory... Hubby and I have been working REALLY hard to get me through college in one piece. While I enjoy the work and what I am learning, sometimes it is just hard to try and balance all portions of my life on the same spinning plate. Round and round it goes, only spinning faster and things just keep teetering off the edge. So yeah... Working too hard to keep everything on the plate and still relax because if I don't, I'll snap and nothing will get done. Normally, I have it really easy at my job so I can do a bit of my school work there. However, we are getting busier and I am not the type to let something sit undone so I can get personal stuff done. Here lies the issues at work... PEOPLE SUCK.

So there is this woman that I work with, we will call her Snarky. Snarky has an issue with EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. She is probably the most judgemental person I've ever encountered in my life. I honestly hate that I am forced to sit near her and listen to her complaints every day. I can't understand why people like Snarky are even working with other people. They should find a job where they have no interaction because their bad attitudes and assanine comments put other people down and leave a bad taste in their mouth. I LOVE being able to get out of work, especially on a Friday, and know that I won't have to deal with her all weekend. It's a great feeling.

On a happier note, things are finally going well between hubby and I. I was being TOO critical for too long and really pushing him away. Thanks to one of my best friends, lets call her Kindy, I realized that my notions of what romance should look like are completely unrealistic and there are no men who will compare to the ones I read and write about. I have accepted this fact and in doing so, remembered exactly why I love my husband. Thanks for listening!

Tata for now!
Crazy Little Layla Jade


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